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Aarambh represents Luxyry, Innovation, Craftsmanship with a modern & edgy intension to ethnic Men's wear. Aarambh's design aesthetics are versatile & masculine, clean cut silhouettes, impeccable tailoring and structured detailing thaat eneble elaborative garments to take on a sleek sophistication when worn.

Deriving inspiration from Indian heritage, each garment has a storyto tell. The traditional Indian clothing takes us to our cultural roots and reminds us of the glorious past. Traditional Indian clothing has come into prominence once again. Well, if you notice the trends in fashion industry, you will realize that the modern fashion has aped the styling & designing of teh bygone ears. Whatever the royals chose to go with was reminiscent of Splendor and Luxury.

Indo Western

The times are a changing. Like Ravi Shankar's sitar met Geoge Harrison's guitar, Our Indo Western range is music to the ears. Combining the mystique of India with the style of the west.


The crowning glory of India's sartorial traditions. The ancient sherwani re-invented by Aarambh into a modern day ghazal that instantly captivates those around you. Designed with one simple motive : to make the heads turn as you walk by sherwani.


What can be more stylish than a JODHPURI for the Indian male. Wasn't it our first and perhaps greatest prime minister who made it famous around the world ? Our range is geat for every occasion. Wedding clebrations, the groom himself, even for welcoming that Important foreign delegation.

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304, Jay Gopal Industrial Est., 510, Bhavani Shankar "X" Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400 028.

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